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1 January 2015

Kathryn Munro, Clinical Nurse Consultant at the University of Melbourne, visited the NMCCC in 2014 as part of her Bob and June Prickett Churchill fellowship to evaluate services to improve the management and quality of life for Australian children and adolescents with neuromuscular disorders and their families. She said of the centre:

"On my fellowship journey I did not come across any other unit of this type, and it is most likely that his is not only a first for the NHS, but worldwide.

I look forward to following the ongoing success of this service as it has real potential as an innovative model of care and could be introduced into adult facilities throughout Australia.

It also has a potential application in a paediatric setting as it may increase consumer engagement for those patients who disengage in care due to the physical challenges of accessing multidisciplinary outpatient care at a tertiary setting."

The full report can be viewed here.