Complex Built Environment Systems Group

The Complex Built Environment Systems group (CBES) is a dynamic team of academics working together to gain a deeper understanding of the physical performance of built environment choices and their implications for energy use, health, conservation, productivity and climate change.  CBES is primarily interested in developing solutions to the practical problems of designing, constructing, and managing appropriate environments within and around buildings.  

In 2006, CBES was awarded a prestigious five-year platform grant from EPSRC in recognition of its ‘world-leading’ research into the complex built environment.

Research at CBES 


CBES research is one of the largest and most mature within the Bartlett.  It is divided into five subgroups, or centres, working together to create exciting new synergies: Energy, Environment and Health, Light and Lighting, Sustainable Heritage, and Workplace Innovation.

Environment at CBES


CBES is located within the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, UCL.  The Bartlett is the UK’s largest multidisciplinary faculty of the built environment.  It runs undergraduate, masters, professional and doctoral programmes across a full range of built environment disciplines including construction, environmental design, architecture, planning and virtual environments. The faculty’s extensive masters and doctoral programmes are conducted through the School of Graduate Studies.  There are over 750 graduate students at the Bartlett. 

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